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Our platform helps you craft and manage tailored AI Co-Pilots, uniquely designed to streamline your specific business processes.

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Empower Your AI Vision with Feedloop

Our platform helps you craft and manage tailored AI Co-Pilots, uniquely designed to streamline your specific business processes.

Starting an AI initiative from the ground up can be complex and inefficient. Feedloop AI offers a smoother path.  We create a solution that is both user-friendly and powerful, making it easier to maintain and grow your AI capabilities over time. With Feedloop AI, your business can harness the power of AI without the hassle.

Master Your Data

Seamlessly integrate all documents, websites, and other knowledge, instantly enabling your AI to become an expert in your data landscape.

Trainable AI

Train Feedloop AI like a new recruit, customizing it to fit your unique business needs.

Multiple Channel Deployment

Launch your AI solution effortlessly on the web, landing pages, pop-ups, and other platforms, fully integrated into your existing systems.

Action Automation

Automate a vast array of user-defined actions, from drafting emails to data analytics, enhancing productivity across the board.

What Can Feedloop AI Do For Your Business?

Multiple applications only with one tool!


From streamlining onboarding, managing leave applications to aiding in performance reviews, Feedloop AI is the helping hand that every HR team needs

Customer Support

Assist customers with issue resolution, automate ticket tracking and submission, Feedloop AI enhances your customer service experience while reducing the load on your support teams


Just ask for your product knowledge, automating daily sales reports, or providing sales performance, Feedloop AI enhances sales effectiveness and productivity.

What is the ingredients necessary to build Co-Pilot

Trusted by top companies and institution

Andrian Gandhi

Dev. Lead Bizhub

With the use of Feedloop QORE and AI, over the past 3 weeks, we have been able to create a fairly complex relational database, a basic functional app, and implement the Telkom Intelligence Assistant (TIA) chatbot. Currently, TIA is capable of learning the product knowledge possessed by Telkom through the upload of PDFs or text-based information, and it attempts to combine this knowledge with the pain problems identified by TIA from customers. TIA can then integrate both elements to provide the most appropriate solutions based on the data obtained from internal Telkom

Cherly Selindiana


We are very impressed with the capabilities of Feedloop AI as it helps optimize this personal assistant chat to provide intelligent, relevant, and prompt responses. It only took a few days for the development of this personal assistant chat to meet our desired specifications, thanks to Feedloop AI's quick implementation. With its capabilities, Feedloop AI continues to assist us in realizing this chat assistant, providing quick and accurate solutions, advice, and information for Account Managers. Additionally, the low-code development provided by QORE has proven to be a valuable tool for application development, especially for users with limited experience, particularly for someone like me who has no background in application development. With QORE, we can integrate various features and relevant functionalities to help us develop this application for Account Managers.

Noviana Putri Kusumasari

Manager Business, Government & Enterprise Services Witel Bogor Telkom Regional 2

We are highly impressed with the collaboration between the BizHub team and Feedloop. Utilizing AI for innovation was thought to be complex and time-consuming, but it turns out that it can be easily implemented and adjusted according to development needs

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